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Sails Ashore Lodge, Stewart Island

Iris, Anne & Peter …….. Hosts for your Stewart Island Experience





Sails Ashore, Stewart Island Hosts


……….. Peter arrived in 1969, as NZ Forest Service Ranger in Charge. (A very grand title for a total staff complement of one). Fishing followed forestry and was in turn followed by Talisker, a 17m charter yacht. He is qualified Skipper Deep Sea Fishing Vessel. Peter’s forestry position was a direct precursor of the Department of Conservation, and he was involved with several projects that contribute to the present management. He has a keen interest in management and particularly in the evolution of the present community.


……….. Iris arrived on the Island as a visitor in 1971. We married in 1973 and Iris became relieving District Nurse, a post she filled for 15 years. She was a foundation Trustee of Ulva Island, is a keen outdoors person and has hiked extensively around the Island. She is also an enthusiastic gardener

We have two adult, one fur and several feather children.

……….. Anne our daughter owns “Kowhai Lane”, and is presently living in Auckland. She is a pediatrician and enjoys road cycling and wind-surfing.

……….. Ivan our son lives in Tasmania. He is a qualified ADAS construction diver and is presently crewing on a coastal tug. He also works as a portrait artist and photographer.

Sails Ashore, Stewart Island Hosts

And not forgetting Bridie our Border Terrier

Our guest rooms are strictly Border Free, but Bridie loves our guests and would be happy to take you for a walk.



Sails Ashore and Kowhai Lane are Solar Powered

Sails Ashore now produces 100 % of our electrical needs, and have cut our non renewable heating fuel usage to around 20% of pre solar.
Kowhai Lane is "Grid Tied" and exports excess electricity to the local grid.
Both have significantly reduced our carbon footprint



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