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Introducing Stewart Island Laser Crafts

An artist I am not, but using a basic graphics program and a laser cutter/engraver  to produce simple figurines, mono tone images and simple wall decorations is good fun, and the results seem to strike a chord with folks.

The figurines on the right are shown on a background grid of 10mm. I’ll probably aim for a standard size of 60 to 80 mm wide, but can make in any size up to around 380 mm x 380 mm. Each figurine has a fine cord to attach to the mobile, or this can be cut off to use as a wall decoration. Or stick glue and some glitter for a Stewart Island flavour Christmas decoration.

I do not plan of having mobiles “Ready Made” Rather I hope people will choose their own figurines to suit their own particular fancy. And of course on request I can make to a specific size if required. Unless requested figures will have a light protective wood coloured stain, and can be further varnished by the purchaser


Stewart Island






















Stewart Island Clock

Size illustrated approx 350mm x 280 mm.
Smaller is possible but may make numerals difficult
Maximum size can be up to 400mm x 400mm.

Movement makes clock hang about 20mm proud of the wall.
Finish can either be stained, as illustrated or plain timber
Price as illustrated $65, which includes movement and rear face eye for hanging.

Postage extra.




Mobiles & Figures

Make Your Own from the selection of figures

Size as indicated, but can be to order.
All figures have a string and are stained, but can be varnished by the buyer.

  Remove the String, and you have a wall figurine.

Under 80mm …. $4 each
Over   80mm …..  $5 each

Mobile Wire …. $1 each. Has “end stoppers” for ease of assembly

Postage extra.




Engraved Photos

Size up to 400mm x 400 mm.
This is a poor example, as I was playing with a piece of scrap ply, hence the markings across the image.
This image has the right side of the face slightly shaded, so it’s best to be fully lit, although to some extent I can adjust this

Price depends on size & complexity of image

Postage extra.


Original Image



Size up to 400mm x 400 mm.
Quality depend on the supplied image.
This is Captain Cooks Chart of New Zealand.


Price depends on size & complexity of image

Postage extra.




Custom Pieces

Size up to 400mm x 400 mm.
Quality depend on the supplied image.
Limited by your imagination and available images. Also I may or may not be able to supply suitable timber.
After the summer I will source blank coaster timber, and will see how they work

The New Zealand map is a small slab of Rimu I happened to have

The circular map is a slice taken from a tree branch.

When working with timbers such as these they will need to be either soaked in raw linseed oil or have several coats of varnish to stop the timber drying out and possibly splitting

Price depends on size & complexity of image and cost of timber.

Postage extra.



About Stewart Island Laser Crafts

How it all Sarted

A couple of years ago I started to notice Google adverts for laser engravers turn up on my desk top. The concept intrigued me and I spent a little time following up, and especially looking at various YouTube videos showing what could be done. Iris encouraged me… every husband needs a hobby !! …. and a year or ago my Xmas present to me was a TwoTrees 10watt engraver

It arrived at our busy time of year and so apart from building a table for it which could be stored up in my workshops ceiling, and a couple of “play cuts” it wasn’t until May that I could devote some time to discovering what this machine was all about.

As always there is more kit required. 

Firstly software to actually run the machine. There is quite good freeware available, LaserGEBL is probably the best, but after playing with it I decided to purchase “Lightburn“. It’s quite complex, and I’ve really only just scratched the surface of it’s capabilities, but it’s very versatile. Although it does quite sophisticated graphics itself I prefer to use Adobe Photoshop and Paint.NET. Both of which I’m reasonably comfortable with and Lightburn easily imports .JPG format graphics.

I had thought I would use my office laptop to run the machine, but rapidly discovered even a simple A4 sized silhouette of Stewart Island took a significant time to cut through 3mm plywood. So a budget laptop arrived. It’s not at all powerful, but as I do the actual graphics on my grunty work machine and then transfer to the laser computer this is not an issue.

The machine is a 10watt output laser, and it has a cutting temperature of some 1200 deg C. So the work support surface is generally a sheet of perforated aluminium which allows for diffusion of the beam when the target material is cut through.

Cutting timber produces smoke, and even with a cut width of .1mm this can impact on the laser beam, and a safety cut out will shut the machine down. So I had to purchase an airpump which blows a stream of air down the laser beam dissipating any smoke.

And lastly but not least, 3mm finishing plywood to actually work with. This was supplied by EH Ball who kindly cut it into squares suitable for the machine.

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