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Australian Bushfires 36 times larger than Stewart Island

My last two trips to Ulva Island I’ve been a bit puzzled by the water in the cottage tanks… It’s tasted a bit smokey. I must be a bit slow, as it’s quite likely its from the Australian Bushfires.

Back in my Forestry days Fire Fighting was a significant part of our training, and the few I was involved with were mainly controlled burn offs.

Some of those were scary enough, but the sight of whole forests with the fire crowning must be terrifying for those trying to fight the monster, and for those whose lives are being destroyed

The news we watch each night is quite frankly appalling, with the cost in human lives, property, farm animals and native wildlife beyond my comprehension.

The news yesterday mentioned the area burnt. I thought that not possible and checked Wikipedia. A total of ‎3,700,000 hectares.

That’s over 36 times the total area of Stewart Island.

And months of the fire season still to run.