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Piwakawaka (Dancing Canoe)

Rhipidura fukiginosa

Of our forest birds none delight me more than our fantails as they flit around chasing insects. They never seem to be still, even when perched, as they will constantly pivot hop from side to side .  from Often in company with other flock species collecting insects disturbed by the flocks foraging amongst the leaves and branches. We seldom see the black variant, although the “book” suggest up to 25% will be totally black. By my experience it would be nearer 3 to 4%. Although I have once seen two black parents and a black juvenile.  Often they seem absent from Ulva but will generall appear in significant numbers before, during and after bad weather.

Size 160 mm



We often see them chasing insects on the beaches and forest edges


Chasing Beach insects



At “Rest”

Fantail Song

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