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Bush Parrot

Nestor  meridionalis

Kaka yodelling and squawking in the tree tops are a feature of Ulva Island, and they are seen often as they swoop at high speed through the tightest of forest or perching in the branches. Their numbers on Ulva have increase dramatically since the rats were removed in the mid ’90’s. They have a significant effect on totara trees, stripping the bark to get at the under lying sap. Totara can obviously cope, and the overall impact with this on the wider environment is quite positive.  I suspect Kaka find life reasonably easy as they spend large amounts of time just “hooning” and playing, rather than constantly searching for food, as do many of the smaller species.

Size 450 mm



Stripping the fronds from a tree fern for the stalks inner pith




Kaka are pretty omnivorous, and with a brush tongue are adapted to nectar feed 




Here taking the female rimu flowers




Grubs living in rotting trees are especially targeted




Appear to mate right through the year … this in late April




Feeding a juvenile. Showing the scarlet under wing .


Kaka Calls

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