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Parson Bird

Prosthamadera novaezeelandiae

Tui are great song birds and mimics, and their varied songs are heard throughout the forest,  at any hour of the day, and even night. They are quite pugnacious and will defend food sources against all comers, including  kaka. They take insects, fruit when available and nectar, although I don’t often see them working honey dew. They will often be seen chasing insects on the wing over beaches and along the forest edge.

Size 300 mm






The delicate lace work feathers around the neck and distinctive throat tuft




In full song, which is above my auditory range at times, but then they will drop an octave or two and become audible. 




Dipping for nectar and thus pollinating flax




Feeding a family of 3




Feeding continues until the youngsters are quite large




Butterlies and other insects are taken on the wing, as well as off tree trunks and branches.


Tui Song

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