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Mohoua ochrocephala

Sometimes called “The Bush Canary” this name will be instantly understood when hearing their mellow song and seeing their distinctive plumage. We generally see them in flocks, sometime quite large, especially late summer when family groups seem to come together. There seems to be good reason to think they may occasionally be polygamous, and I’ve certainly seen behaviour while adults are feeding young that might support this … what appeared to be several different adults feeding a single chick in quick succession.  I’ve only ever sen them feeding on insects, which they find both on the trunks, branches and leaves of trees, but will also hunt for on the forest floor, scritching like domestic hens.

Size 150 mm

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Mohua part of their own Flock

Yellowhead / Mohua

The Bush Canary

Yellowhead / Mohua

They often use their tail as a “prop” which can result in it getting very worn after a years use 

Yellowhead / Mohua

Juvenile begging for food

Yellowhead / Mohua

Feeding the family

Yellowhead / Mohua

Working a Miro trunk for insects

Yellowhead / Mohua

Searching for insects on a forest path

Yellowhead Song

Yellowhead Video

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