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Dolphins on a Sails Road Tour

Yesterday was wet, a good day for staying inside … or for doing a road tour. I had a request from an English mum and daughter for a road tour, and although it was a bit wet, the day did slowly improve.

Towards the end of the tour as we came past Lonnekers Bay the daughter alerted us to a pod of dolphins just alongside the shore. By the time we parked they were past, heading up into the boats moored in Halfmoon Bay. And by the time I got my camera organised they were well past. But still a thrill for my guests and just a taste of what can be seen around the village

Deer on a sails road tour

Deer as Well

Earlier we had disturbed a Virginian Deer on Hicks Road, again something that happens quite often. They are something of an irritant to Iris, as they really enjoy her garden, especially at Kowhai Lane Lodge