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Durned Kaka

We have a bird table and small bird house just in front of our guests lounge,  which can easily seen in our web cam. We put out food for the smaller birds, and also a very weak sugar / water solution  for kaka, tuis and bell birds

The Tui are pretty aggressive and HATE anyone else in “their” food source, and will even have the kaka on. But it’s the kaka who make me tear out what little hair I have.  Every two years I have to rebuild the bird house, as they virtually destroy it.

A few days ago I set up a brand new one, and within two days they had started to wreck it.

If the weather is good, we don’t feed all that often, and can go several days between putting out food.  But appear at the bowl with the jug, and within a few minutes someone will turn up.

Bellbirds are only very occasional visitors, and give the Kaka & Tui a very wide berth.

But however much we complain about them , our Kaka, Tuis and Bellbirds are great fun and entertainment for our gusts and for us.

Sails Ashore Lodge, Stewart Island

“The Gang”
Note the start of damage on the ridge

Our web cam (updates every minute)