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Farewell 2021, Hello 2022.

We’ve had a lovely day to welcome in 2022. And looking back over 2021 I guess for all that has gone on in the world we’ve had a good year. And on the whole I think, to coin a phrase we’ve had a good pandemic, certainly in comparison to the rest of the world. Something to be said for living on an Island.

Our daughter Anne is down from Auckland and also a fellow medic, Szelin. We had friends for Christmas dinner, so a nice, afternoon…. good friends, good food, and lovely weather. Magic.

We have been busy with guests at Kowhai Lane, all lovely folk who have made the most of their time on the Island,

So the following pictures are a snippet of what they have enjoyed

Some photos from the last week or so.

Christmas Day is always a good time to kick back, and enjoy friends and family. I would get monstered if I changed the dinner menu in any way. So baked ham on the bone, rolled turkey roast, new spuds from the garden and of course a fresh salad, and home made mayo. Followed by Pav and a Chocolate Log. Lots of cream.

Iris, Bridie (our elderly Border Terrier) and I have been enjoying a regular Sunday walk along some of the local tracks, and the bird and sealion photos were taken by Anne on Ulva Island.

Christmas Day from Sails Ashore

Christmas Dinner

Horseshoe Point

Horseshoe Point

Sarah Cove, on the Horseshoe Bay Track

Anne & Szelin had a morning out fishing. So cod a la Malaysian Chinese … thank you Szelin.
And Cod Roe, a la Peter  for dinner


Morepork sighted on Ulva Island

Hookers Sealion Pup on Ulva Island. Just 6 days old. Mum is away feeding

South Island Saddleback

Red Crowned Parakeet. These will be nesting soon

Matt, Hayley and the Kiwi.

Just yesterday we very sadly said goodbye to Matt & Hayley. We’d shown them where they might see Kiwi at night, and this video is the result.  They went out 3 nights, saw birds on two, and heard them on the third. They were absolutely over the moon.


The video shows a male “putting the hard word” on a female, and getting roundly rebuffed.