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First Snow of the Winter

And I hope the last. I do NOT like snow at all. Decades ago I spent a couple of days snow raking in the foothills of the Takitimu Mountains.. Brutally hard work, waste deep in freezing snow. Sweating from the work, and freezing from the cold. No, not at all fun.

This morning we had a bit of a sleep in. Got up around 0900, and noticed light sleet falling. Pretty much what we expected from the forecast. And 10 minutes later we had big fat snow flakes tumbling down. Didn’t last long, but long enough to cover our lawn. It’s 1133 as I type this, and already the thaw has set in, though our met station is still recording 1 deg C air temp. Baro got down to 972 Mb, and is on it’s way up. But we see another deep low forecast for late Sunday. So I suppose we will get another dose.

A good weekend to stay inside and keep the heater on.

The Forecast for the next few days doesn’t look so flash either.


Met Station @ 0918
outside temp top right