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Forgotten Word….. The Map 

Day 1…….. Taumarinui to Whangamomona.

Day 2 ……   Whangamomona to Whanganui   

Day 3 …….. Whanganui to Blue Duck Station 

Day 4 …….. Blue Duck Station to Taumaranui


Whangamomona to Stratford

The Whangamomona Pub was great. Excellent meals, and a comfortable room. The Publican joined us at breakfast so more stories about Whangamomona before we set (sail ??) off for Stratford.

The morning was a little damp, with lowish cloud. But cleared as the morning rumbled under our tracks. Morning tea of course, and then lunch, and a stop at Avonstour Island. (this link is well worth following)
John, the owner met us and talked about his passion for rare breeds of animals. For me particularly interesting in that he was involved with the Auckland Island pigs and others from the sub-Antarctic islands.

Then on to Stratford, through mainly farm land, and a landscape progressively more agricultural and much flatter than the steep (to me incredibly steep) hills of the day before.

The “terminus” at Stratford, or rather just before Stratford was simply a stretch of track just past a road crossing and in farmland. There we transferred into a van, and down to our motel for overnight in Whanganui

Farmland and Forest, though mainly second growth as far as I could tell

More and more farmland, and cattle

Avonstour Island, a rare breeds sanctuary

The spread of these horns was more than Iris is tall. I suspect they needed super wide gates

We passed over more and more farm track/rail crossings. Often closed off with electric fences as dairy cows in particular would be travelling across the tracks for milking.
Each needed Cowboy to stop, lower the wires and then the tail end guide had to re-connect them once we were all clear

Whanganui.  Shirley and Gary were the other couple with us for the full 4 days. New Zealanders living in Queensland they were “trapped” arriving 3 days before the borders closed.
And of course, Cowboy. We can’t speak too highly of Cowboy, Tina and Kristie, who were our primary guides. They were all extremely knowledgeable about every part of the journey. And even more important they were happy sharing with us this and all the little things that makes destinations come alive.