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Sails Ashore Garden & Webcam

Iris has always been an enthusiastic gardener and her favourite relaxation is in the four gardens we look after ….. Sails Ashore Garden and Webcam, Stewart IslandSails Ashore, Kowhai Lane, my late mothers garden next door and now she has taken on St Andrews Anglican Church garden.

My involvement has been more in the co-opted department, but I now find myself taking on projects. My mother was a very keen gardener and well known for her lawn fetish and now I find myself fretting about the lawns as I grow older.

The Bird table is a favourite with our guests (and with us) and we put out bird cake and sugar water every day. Kaka, Tuis, Waxeyes, Bellbirds and Dunnets are regular feeders, with Fantails, Grey Warbler, Brown Creeper, Kukupa (what Southern Maori called NZ Pigeons) Red Crowned Parakeet, Pied Tits, Tui, Bellbirds and Morepork frequenting the wider garden. We hear Kiwi at night from time to time and a special visitor a few years ago was a “Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike”. The 11th recorded sighting of a very very occasional Australian vagrant.

Sails Ashore flower garden is a mixture of exotics and natives, with the bank in front of Sails Ashore being devoted to natives. We are particularly fond of grasses and their motion in the wind. I am fascinated by native orchids and we have large areas of the Earinas Autumnalis and Macronata. (Autumn and Bamboo orchids) and Winika Cunnighamii (Ladies Slipper) Several Sails Ashore garden, Stewart <a style=Thelymitra species (sun orchids) seriously frustrate me, but are well worth persevering with when they do briefly open. Stewart Island Forgetmenots, Pratia’s and Gentians fill in spaces with their delicate blooms. We have lots of Rhododendrons for their colour and Fuchsia for the nectar drinkers. Ferns fill out damper darker corners

Stewart Island Garden Webcam

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North Island visitors to the Island are often astonished at the “northern” plants that will succeed here. We have Pohutakawa, Koraka and Puriri growing well and have fruited both Kiwi fruit and Tamarillo outside. (We have to reassure Te Puke that they are not at risk from Southern competition) Kauri grow well on the Island.

We grow the majority of our own vegetables, enjoying the pleasure of growing our own and knowing just what has gone into them, and also the freshness and quality that home grown gives us. All our food scraps and garden waste goes into a worm farm or our large compost bin, and although Stewart nolvadex Island soils do need mineral additions from time to time we avoid pesticides and sprays if at all possibleSails Ashore Garden, Stewart <a style=.

At Kowhai Lane Anne and Iris have established many natives, which compliment the setting amongst established larger exotic decorative trees and native fuchsia.. Over the summer we find onion orchids in profusion, as well as thelymitra and black orchids



Sails Ashore and Kowhai Lane are Solar Powered

Sails Ashore now produces 100 % of our electrical needs, and have cut our non renewable heating fuel usage to around 20% of pre solar.
Kowhai Lane is "Grid Tied" and exports excess electricity to the local grid.
Both have significantly reduced our carbon footprint



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