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Home Help

A couple of months ago our daughter Anne phoned me … what to get Iris for her Birthday, and what did I think about a Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It happens one of her friends had one, and raved about it, and Anne thought why not for her mother. I did a bit of research….. thank you Google…… and decided that OK, a robotic wet mop would solve the eternal problem for a husband “what to get for her birthday….. for me as well. Not really very romantic are they, But I have to say the Iris loves her “Home Help”. Actually besotted describes it better.

They both work very very well. Dobbie the vacuum cleaner is a bit dim, but very hard working, and actually does a pretty good job on both hard floors and on carpet. He tends to get a bit confused under chairs and tables, as he works on a pretty random work pattern. Dobby is of course, the house elf from Harry Potter

Mrs Mopp is quite a bit brighter, and has a built in work plan for each room.

Both are programmed to “do” our kitchen at a set time each day. For other rooms we take them there, and set them to work. When they finish a room they return to their charging station.

I had wondered just how much time they would save, but safe to say domestic harmony would take a dive if I suggested getting rid of them.

It’s a bit embarrassing when we find ourselves talking to them ….. especially when they get lost under a table or a bed.

Bridie our dog just ignores them unless they bump into her. Then she just glances at them and moves away. And they do a surprisingly good job. Dobbie will occasionally leave a roll of a rolled up dust bunny behind if his wee dust bin is full. But that’s easy to pick up and dispose of.


Really the big problem is that Iris is making “Robotic Lawn Mower Noises” and is hoping a robotic bed maker appears on the market.



Dobby doing his thing

Mrs Mopp is very precise about mapping the floor,
and like Dobby puts herself to bed after finishing