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Indian Summer

These last few days have been stunning, not a breath of wind and wall to wall sunshine. It’s mid afternoon and looking at our met station the outside temp is 14.6 deg, and wind 3 knots from the NNE. There is a little high cloud, but it’s no where near the sun, so just another magical Stewart Island day.

Sails Ashore, Stewart Island, Indian Summer

Looking out from Sails Ashore

Last Guests Gone

Our last guests for some time left yesterday, and so Iris & I are now into “chores” mode. And getting the garden and outside stuff done and in such lovely weather is a bonus.  Mainly pruning back the summer growth, and winterising the veggie garden.  Apart from the winter vegetable crop it’s all been cultivated and composted, and then covered with pea straw.

Sails Ashore Garden, Stewart Island

The Silver Beet this year is an excellent crop,
helped probably by copious amounts of compost
Some of those stalks are over a metre high, and still nice and tender.
The power saw Iris is holding is almost necessary for harvesting

Last of the Garden Building

For the last several winters I’ve had an on-going project of enclosing the veggie garden with timber retaining walls. These have helped flatten the garden slope as the section is a little steeper than we would wish, and on each side have defined the garden edges …. Iris’s flowers etc otherwise seem to be always encroaching. It’s all finished now, and is a distinct improvement. The plank lying across the pea straw is Iris’ part of patent slug extermination system. We don’t use poisons, and without some form of slug control we would be lucky to have any vegetables. But the planks supply a nice shelter for slugs, and each day Iris turns the plank and kills the ones she finds there.  Last winter was very mild, with only around 4 frosty mornings, and consequentially the slug population wasn’t thinned out at all by temperature.  Some mornings Iris would collect up to 150.