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Island Road Tours

We regularly take our guests on a two hour scenic road tour.  We explain “The Islands Story” as we visit the bays and lookouts,

The history is always interesting of course, but for many of our guests life in a small island community is “far side of the moon stuff” compared with where they come from.  We often have guests ask about odd regular paint marks on the road, and a couple of days ago we were able to show these marks in action.


Most (but not all) of our fishermen use pots (traps) for both Rock Lobster and for Blue Cod and of course it’s imperative to have accurate measurements for the line lengths. Pots are expensive, and they don’t want to drown them !!.

So what better place to measure the lines out than on a road, where they can easily paint measurement lengths on the road surface. Not something you would see many places else, but for us, quite unremarkable.


Sails Tours, Stewart Island

Fishermen measuring cray pot lines on the road at Horseshoe Bay, Stewart Island