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Kaka Orphan Re-United with Mum

Kaka are pretty much everywhere we go, both around the village and on our Ulva tours. And always a favorite with our guests. A couple of days ago we found a very young bird a bit off the path just as we were leaving Ulva.

Obviously a “stray” and out of the nest I left it where it was, as I wasn’t sure if mum would recover it, and I hadn’t time to look for the nest. It rained that night, and so I thought it probably wouldn’t survive. But, next afternoon, there it was, looking much weaker, and, with heavy rain forecast we decided to bring it home. Feeding a baby Kaka isn’t a skill I really have, but I managed to get a little very soft wet cat food and some mashed well ripened banana into it that evening. I fed it 3 times over night, each time it was a little brighter, and a little more receptive, and the morning found a much more aware, and hungry baby. It squarked when I fed it, which was a good sign and It had messed, so that department appeared to be working OK as well.


Kaka, as our guests see them


Our little orphan, cold, wet and miserable


Overnight “nest” not really as good as home


Home again, much smaller sibling under Mums beak


I took it down to DoC and handed it over to Phred. He took it back to Ulva, and after some searching found it’s nest, and was able to reunite it with it’s sibling and a protective mum … she pecked the hand that returned it to the nest. Had the nest not been found it would have been sent up to the bird rescue centre in Dunedin, but reuniting it with it’s family a much better result.¬†


That little bird was very lucky to survive. It’s down is no protection against cold rain, and it certainly wouldn’t have survived a second night, but what really surprised both Phred and I was that a Weka didn’t find it, as it would have been killed in very short order