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Kiwi & Security Lights

Kiwi in Sails Ashore Garden

When Sails Ashore & Kowhai Lane Guests arrive we always take then for a short “Tiki Tour” of the village to show them where things are. Most will have taken notice of the info we send them when they confirm and have booked a night Kiwi Watch tour with Beaks and Feathers  .We also show them where they “might Get Lucky” around the village. Then its a sit down with a cuppa and a biscuit and we settle them into their room and explain about the local attractions and how to enjoy them etc

And so it was for a couple of recent guests at Kowhai Lane Lodge. That evening phoned they us around 2300 as the security light outside their window kept coming on and please could I help. So up I drove, thinking the light may have malfunctioned… it’s a few hundred metres from Sails Ashore … pulled into the drive way and as the lights swung around there was the cause of the problem. A  hairy big Kiwi bottom scuttled down the drive, around the corner and vanished. Sadly, no photographs, but realistically I would think I was even more surprised than was the Kiwi

Next morning I told our guests what the problem had been which caused gales of laughter ….. Only on Stewart Island.