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Kiwi in Sails Ashore Garden

We quite regularly hear Kiwi at night from Sails Ashore, but the last few nights has really been exceptional, with a male calling several times during the night, and sounding much closer than usual.

It all got too much for Iris a couple of nights ago, and she went out with a torch and her camera to see if she could find him. And there he was, bumbling around on the lawn, and investigating the flower beds.  Lots of photos taken and these are the best of them.

Last night I heard him 5 times, with the last around 0625 , but on getting up to investigate discovered thick fog had come down and the moon light I was counting on wasn’t there. So decided that I wouldn’t startle him with torch light, and it was too dark for my camera without flash.


Our male Kiwi probing for bugs in Sails Ashore Lawn

Our male Kiwi probing for bugs in Sails Ashore Lawn

Vanishing under a rhododendron bush.
Iris said she was crouched down, and thought he was going to walk over her

The Evidence

Just three of around 30 dibble holes where he has been  probing for bugs