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Moving into Winter at Sails Ashore

We are now a few days into winter, though apart from a handful of miserable days it does not really seem like winter. We’ve been really dry as well. Almost half way through the year, and 20% of our annual rainfall. With sunrise directly out in front of our garden, and only above the horizon around 0815 it is a treat for our guests at breakfast time.

And we’ve been busy as well. Our winters have always been our quiet time. This May we’ve had 5 times the bed nights we’d normally expect for the entire winter. Amazing. And of course this has given me some issues re our solar power system. Guests add significantly to our normal daily power consumption, and my energy modelling was just a tad light with such a high guest loading.  We’ve had  to run our back up gen set for an hour or two for 3 or 4 days last month. But nothing too excessive. 

Winter for us is Sunrise over Herekopare 
MidWinter and it will be even further to the left



Far too complicated for me.
But Shelley made it look easy


Almost Finished



What our Guests Do 

Two of our guests were Army Officers. Actually Brits who’d transferred here from the Brit Army,. Shelly had enrolled in traditional weaving  classes after arriving in New Zealand.

As you can see by the way she’s kitted out the weather wasn’t one of our better days, but they found some flax and Shelley made us a traditional flax basket. She showed us a photo of a ceremonial cloak she’d made. Absolutely stunning, and I wish I’d asked for a copy of the photo.


Amazing Who You Meet on the Road

Autumn Fungi & Rimu Mast

This year has been somewhat better than most for Fungi, and I’ve been seeing more appearing each trip on Ulva.

It’s also been a good Rimu Mast. Not the best I’ve seen, that was a 3 years ago. In my experience that’s a very short time, so perhaps a response to the dry summers we’ve had. But it does make for happy birds, especially as the Coprosma sp. have fruited heavily as well. 


Delicate Grey Blue Caps




Small Group of Caps


Growing on a bank


Baby Coral Finger Fungi


The small red dots are the fruit (mast) of Rimu Trees