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Sealions on Sydney Cove

Timing is everything !!. Yesterday I had two couples on an Ulva Island Tour and we were talking about sealions as we came out of the forest onto Sydney Cove. Looked up, and there they were.  What I’m guessing was mum and last years pup. The larger is definitely female and looked pregnant, as I would expect this time of year. The smaller animal I think was a young male. Juveniles males are blondish coloured until 8 or 9 months at least. I couldn’t see the defining details of a male, but his lower belly stained dark brown, which would I think indicate a males urine stains.
Again, I’m guessing, but I wonder if this pair was one of the two females who pupped on Ulva Island last summer and if she will pup here again this summer.

But Wait, There’s More

So after discussing Hookers Sealions and seals in general we wandered up the beach towards the wharf, and were admiring the huge P.radiata by the picnic shelter when we were alerted to a large male Hookers sealion on the sand. Right in front of us, so a good and timely reminder the pay attention. This fellow was well into breeding age, complete with the distinctive mane of the mature beach master.

Precocious Ladies Slipper Orchid

Wandering around our garden last night I was astonished to find a Ladies Slipper Orchid in flower, and with lots of buds due to bloom as well. Amazing, as we would not expect to see these blooms until around New Year. Last year only a very small handful of these flowered, and if this single plants cluster of buds is any indication this year will be a good one.