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Paul Klemick & the Polish Heritage of Otago & Southland (POHOS)


An odd post from me this morning, as what on earth does Stewart Island and this posts heading have in common??

Like all the best stories it’s a bit complex but here goes.

A good friend from my association with the Heritage Inns Group (now Boutique Travel ) is Ewa Rozecka Pollard. I was Heritage Inns web master while Ewa was Chairperson. Ewa is Polish and, as I discovered Chair of POHOS. In the course of conversations about this and that I had offered to rebuild their web site. I’d had a look at it, and the information it held was fabulous, but the presentation just didn’t work in my mind.

So I found myself with a new project. Actually a pretty easy one as all I had to do was design a platform “look and presentation” and then transfer the content. As my daughter Anne had bought a lifetime unlimited site subscription for me to build her own practice web site  there was no cost. The rest was just cut and paste.

But in the course of building the site the content I was working with told me a story of New Zealand’s history I was completely unaware of.

As I said to Ewa “who knew” ?. But I should have known, as like most Kiwis I’d worked and socialised with lots of Polish names. But never thought about it.

ALL of the information I was working with was the result of 20 plus years of dedicated research by Paul Klemick.

And today Pauls work has been recognised with a QSM in the Queens Birthday Honours List. Well done Paul

Reprint from ODT 06.06.2022


So if you would like to know a little more about New Zealand History I can really recommend time spent in the POHOS web site