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Stewart Island Place Names …… 

Halfmoon Bay

Kairaku …..   “A Party of Warriors” the point now known as Ackers Point


Takiraku …..   “A Crying, or perhaps singing Trees” where the village of Oban now stands. “Singing or crying refers to the sound of wind in the branches


Williams Bay  ……  After a European settler in the bay (possible lived on the north side of the bay where Braggs Bay is now) and recorded by Rev Wholers in November 1846

Horseshoe Bay …… A descriptive name

Halfmoon bay ….. Misnamed by the HMS Acheron survey cartographer … see Horseshoe Bay

It should be noted the the township is named Oban, NOT Halfmoon Bay

Halfmoon Bay, Stewart island, sails Ashore


Halfmoon bay, Stewart Island



Sails Ashore and Kowhai Lane are Solar Powered

Sails Ashore now produces 100 % of our electrical needs, and have cut our non renewable heating fuel usage to around 20% of pre solar.
Kowhai Lane is "Grid Tied" and exports excess electricity to the local grid.
Both have significantly reduced our carbon footprint



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