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Stewart Island Place Names …… 

Mason Bay Islands

Moutere Mitini  …… “The Lapping of the Sea at the Island”.. The outer island of the group

Earnest Island …… Most Maps carry the name “Earnest Islands”, although it seems not known as to why, or who named them. Also quite confusing, as there is an Earnest Island outside the south Entrance of Port Pegasus

Mason (Bay) Islands ….. Again there is some doubt as who Mason was, although there is some claim that it was after George Mason, an early sealer.

If I had to choose I would opt for Mason Bay Islands to avoid confusion, as there is another Earnest Island off Port Pegasus.

You may notice the mapping engine I use has Colyers and Coopers Island listed. I would treat those with a very large grain of salt



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Kowhai Lane is "Grid Tied" and exports excess electricity to the local grid.
Both have significantly reduced our carbon footprint



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