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Stewart Island Place Names …… 

Native Island

Te Wharawhara …..   “The Astelia Plant” site of an early Maori “Kaika” or fishing village, and later a Maori “Quarantine” Island, where people suffering from European diseases were sent to either recover or die. The Astelia was used to bind the body for burial


Native Island …….  A reference to earlier Maori settlement ??

Rabbit Island….. a local name. There were once rabbits here, but Frank Woodrow, an early Ranger managed to exterminate them all

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Sails Ashore and Kowhai Lane are Solar Powered

Sails Ashore now produces 100 % of our electrical needs, and have cut our non renewable heating fuel usage to around 20% of pre solar.
Kowhai Lane is "Grid Tied" and exports excess electricity to the local grid.
Both have significantly reduced our carbon footprint



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