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Brown Creeper


Finnschia novaezeelandiae

Flocks of Brown Creepers are regularly seen as they move throughout the Ulva Forest from forest floor up to the canopy tops. Usually in noisy family groups we also do see singles. Predominantly insect feeders they work the leaves and trunks of most species, and will also take fruit during the autumn coprosma season. I’ve seen them feeding on the forest floor on occasions, although this seems to be rare. They often flock with Yellowhead, and also parakeets are often seen feeding close by. Fantails are also oportunistic feeders with a flock, picking up flying insects the others disturb.

Size 130 mm

Brown Creeper

Brown Creeper

Both sexes more or less the same colouration, males slightly larger

Brown Creeper

Foraging in the moss on a tree trunk

Babies are always hungry

Just fledged an hour or so previous

Brown Creeper Song

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