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Stewart Island Place Names …… 

East Ruggedy Beach & the Ruggedy Islands

West Raggedy Beach …..   All part of the “Raggedy” name group. I can’t think of any larger association of names on Stewart Island

Raggedy Islands …… The inner passage is quite shallow, and full of rocks, but the outer one is clear, although quite narrow, and more than a little frightening for a first timer, especially if there is a sea running. It’s also the site of an early example of local knowledge when Paddy Gilroy took the whaler “Chance” through the passage, towing several whales, and in a full gale.


East Ruggedy Beach


East Ruggedy Beach, and the inner passage (unsafe) passage between the Raggedy Islands

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Ruggedy Islands from West Raggedy Beach

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Ruggedy Islands


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