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Kukupa (Kereru)

Hemiphaga novaezeelandiae

Pigeons are numerous on Ulva, their distinctive flight sounds proof of their passing. They’ll often be seen perched quietly on a branch, or feeding on fruit or blossom. They often come down onto grass and will graze there. Many of the Stewart island flock will depart the Island for the mainland in late summer early autumn, returning in the spring. Before departure they seem to flock up, and the flocks of sometimes as many as 40 or more birds will fly apparently aimlessly back and forward across the forest. I suspect they are exercising for the flight of 20 or more miles to the mainland… a long flight for such a heavy bird.

Size 510 mm

Pigeon… Kukupa

Pigeon… Kukupa

Pigeon… Kukupa

Pigeon… Kukupa

Pigeon Calls

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