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Stewart Island Brown Kiwi


Apteryx australis lawryi

The largest of New Zealand’s Iconic national emblem Kiwi are being seen more and more often both on Ulva and around the village. If fact Iris and I joke that everyone has their crosses to bear, ours is being woken by Kiwi calling close to our house at night.
Kiwi are not native to Ulva, birds being taken there so visitors might “get lucky” and sight them during the day (Stewart Island Kiwi regularly are seen during the day) and also to backstop their survivability in the event of an avian epidemic on mainland Stewart Island. Stewart Island kiwi is the largest of all New Zealand kiwi,

Size 500 mm

Stewart Island Kiwi




Stewart Island Kiwi



Stewart Island Kiwi


Kiwi Calls

Video shot on Ulva Island 16/12/2016  

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