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Stewart Island Robin


Petroica australis rakiura

Stewart Island Robins are readily seen on Ulva Island, indeed it’s difficult to avoid them, as they will approach us quite fearlessly as opportunistic feeders looking for the insects our feet disturb. It’s not just us they follow, as I have filmed kiwi feeding, complete with attendant robin watching for bugs the kiwi disturbed with its feet. Like most robins the males are vigorously territorial, and disputes are common, especially as their young male offspring grow and are then see as territorial rivals.

Size 180 mm


Male Stewart Island Robin

The entire population was banded from their initial liberation in the late ’90s until just a few years ago 



Nestlings in the nest on top of a broken tree stump

Robins nest on or low to the ground, making them particularly vulnerable to rat predation



 Lunch Time

Both parents care for the brood. Male on the left, female on the right



 Female Robin

Muted plumage, with less definition between back and breast colouration.



 Male Robin

Obviously terrified of people


Robin Song

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