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Gallirallus australis scotti

Weka are to be seen all over Ulva Island fossicking in the forest litter or vigorously throwing the beach wrack around searching for the sand hoppers under it.  Very territorial,  occasional fracases erupt when an interloper appears. They are quite relaxed around people, and particularly those on beaches have come to associate people with a possible hand out. Breeding is primarily in the spring, but not unusual to see new hatchings right up to mid autumn or even later.

Size 530 mm

Stewart Island Weka

A subspecies, unique to Stewart Island

Stewart Island Weka

Weka agro

Stewart Island Weka

Quite relaxed around people

Stewart Island Weka

Good swimmers, and quite prepared to do so

Stewart Island Weka

Parent & juvenile foraging in heavy forest

Stewart Island Weka

Maybe 7 days old

Stewart Island Weka

Family foraging in sea wrack

Weka Calls



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