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Pulse of the Planet

Last October Rakiura Herzoff asked me if I would take a podcaster to Ulva Island. And so I found myself hosting Jim Metzner. together with an impressive amount of sound recording gear and a largish parabolic mic on Ulva. In the past I’ve worked with many film companies, including the BBC Natural History Unit, Ushuaia Nature, NZ National Film Unit, Blue Sky and South Coast Productions. I thought I was up to speed about keeping hush, with just the occasional comment. I wasn’t !! and Jim took me to a whole new level. Fortunately, it wasn’t windy, and there were few people on Ulva, or at least where we were.

Later in the day in our kitchen, and over a quiet cuppa Jim and I talked about Ulva …….

You can follow all of Jims fascinating podcasts at Pulse of the Planet

  My thanks to Jim for his permission to place this recording on our blog


Jim Metzner
Ulva Island