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Roadside Orchids

As spring progresses our roadside orchids start to appear, and become another point of interest for our “Sails” Road Tour” guests.

Currently we have Corybas Iridescens appearing in quite good numbers above Butterfields Beach and Pterostylis bluff  staring to show on the Back Road.

Our local Council worker mows all our road sides and banks each year. The machine is quite aggressive and partially shapes the banks. This can be quite beneficial as many of our species prefer bare sunny sites to thrive.
So I asked “Okie Dokie”  (yes, that is his nick name !!) if I could mow a couple of the really good areas which had multiple species.

He asked why, and I explained that if I mowed them in winter when the plants were dormant and below ground then that wouldn’t hurt the plants and would really enhance their growing, as they don’t cope well with plant competition.

I was delighted when he said he had noticed the various patches, and he would adjust his work program as much as possible to do the mowing in the dormant season. And each year the display improves, to both my guests delight and to mine.

In our own garden Bamboo Orchids are well out, and on Ulva I came across 5 instances of what I think are a Caladenia. But unsure of the species, so I’ll email photos to the Orchid Society for a positive ID


Corybas iradescens

Red Spider Orchid



Corybas iradescens

Red Spider Orchid



Pterostylis bluff

Kaka Beak Orchid



Caladenia ????

White Fingers



Erina mucronata

Bamboo Orchid