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Signs of Spring

Yesterday I checked our garden soil temperatures (see post July 31st) and already the cultivated and covered garden is 10.2 deg C, and the lawn… which is our “base” level is at 9.2 deg C.

So even though technically still winter … a season we haven’t really had this year …..  it’s looking much more like spring.  Iris’s seed spuds are just starting to show shoots, so hopefully they will be in the ground in 10 days or so.

Lysetta seed potatoes.

Corybas oblongas, Spider Orchids, Sails Ulva Island Tours

Spider Orchid leaves just showing after dying back last Autumn

Fuchsia Bllom, Sails Ulva Island Tours

Fuchsia are the first of our “nectar blooms” to appear each year

Ulva Spring signs as well

A couple of days ago I took couple of young Brits over to Ulva and there we found Spider Orchids just showing through the ground and Fuchsia blooms well developed




Enjoying Ulva Island Sails Tours

Children enjoying the beach and sun, waiting for their water taxi at the end of their visit to Ulva Island