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Snow !!

The last couple of days have seen snow forecast on the tail end of a deep low. And it was deep, down to 972 HPA yesterday.

This morning we woke to a white lawn. Not up to the window sills but certainly deeper than we’ve had since probably 2006. And not all that deep, as the tips of the lawn grass was still visible. Not really snow, more like hail/sleet. And cold… our met station, which is around 3 m above the peak of the roof was on 2 deg C.

But around 0900 it really started to snow … proper snow, big fluffy flakes, and now the grass is completely covered.

As I type this it had eased off a lot, and a bit more of it sleet. And even the odd short fine (??) patch

Yesterday we covered our vegie garden with black polythene in preparation for the storm. Our spuds are up, and they did not need to be snowed on.

Wake up to a white lawn, not that deep ….. yet !!

Our feather children need their breakfast.
Iris drew the short straw

Our feather children need their breakfast.
Kaka & Tui do not play nicely together. If fact Tui don’t even play well with each other, especially around food

The Radar image at 0958. Still snowing, though not so heavy. The image shows heavy precipitation over us, but not much to the south.
So fingers crossed……. I hate snow. I remember a couple of lambings way back when I was still on my parents farm. Snow rapidly loses it’s charm

I Don’t Like Snow

Snow Raking

Up to my knees, and higher, wading through soft snow, making tracks for sheep is not my idea of fun

My aversion to snow is well known.  As a child I was quite happy with the odd snow fall, snow men making etc. This all changed when I was press ganged into a couple of days snow raking. I have never been so cold wet and miserable, nor worked so hard and as well as freezing, having the sweat pour off.  This Snow Brain item may explain  So I much prefer enjoying snow from inside, looking out through large windows, with a roaring fire, and a mug of mulled wine.