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Spring is far from Springing In

Officially it’s spring, or actually 5 days into it. And the last couple of days have been magic, wall to wall blue. But really the whole end of winter has been pretty ordinary. Actually pretty wet and gloomy. We are well on the way to a very wet year over all. 

The native fuchsia are out, as are some of our spring garden flowers, But most seem to be running 2 to 3 weeks later than I would expect. Funny though some things are a bit early. 



Chatham Island Forget-me-not.
Several blooms have been out for over a week now. About 3 weeks earlier than expected

Normally our garden is a picture with lots of Daffodils.
This year not so many, and about 3 weeks late

Normally our garden is a picture with lots of Daffodils.
This year not so many, and about 3 weeks late

More Daffs. The odd shaped white thing is a Japanese longline light float.
Japanese fishermen attached these to the ends of their drift longlines. There was a battery box underneath, and a flashing light at the top.
The float is glass. I found this one washed up on Hellfire Beach back in Forestry Days 

The first two rows of potato trenches ready for planting tomorrow.
The white sheet is plastic which we cover the garden with pre-planting to warm the soil and keep from getting too wet.
It will cover the rows until the rows are finally ridged up

First shoots on our grape vine.
Again, normally the vine would have many buds and leaves by now.
This is one of just 3

Iris sweats blood growing things
Then spends the spring cutting everything back and bemoaning how everything has grown.

The Hungry Brigade
A tui waiting on it’s evening ration of sugar water

Solar Power Moving Along

It’s almost a month since my last post and with the Woo Flu lock down life for us has been very quiet. Really just concentrating on finishing off the winter chores, and of course making sure we are ready for Tansley’s to install our solar energy system. The shed is completed and the cables laid as far as I can. I now know why sparkies have apprentices. I’m getting far too long in the tooth for crawling around in tight places setting up the cables, let alone lifting cobbles, digging trenches and getting cables into tight conduit pipes. But it’s all done and even some nice cobbles and a step in front.


Apparently the batteries and other electronics will arrive tomorrow, and the installers will arrive as soon as we drop down to level 2. Which is very gratifying, as with the supply chain issues we are hearing about on the news we had thought maybe 2 or 3 months away.