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Dancing Spider Orchids   Corybas acuminatus

Two days ago I took one of our guests to Ulva. The forecast for the rest of his stay was more than a bit ordinary, but that afternoon the weather was great. Lots of Saddlebacks, yellowheads, tuibellbirds and robins.  And we found the first of our orchids starting to develop blooms. Dancing Spider Orchids are our first to appear. But the flowering isn’t an overnight thing, as the bloom can take two or three weeks to develop from first appearance to fully out. In fact I refer to them as embryonic at this stage in their development, as they remind me of nothing so much as a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis stage.

We found lots of them at the stage in the photo, so hopefully we’ll have a good season.

Dancing Spider Orchid at the “embryonic” stage

And when it’s fully out ……

Not that thick as we had dinner, but still cold. Air temps over night 1 deg C,
and that recorded about 4 metres above our roof at our met station

Snow !!

September a year ago we had a very unseasonal snow event. And last night we had another. Very late in the year, although many decades ago I do remember snow lying on the streets of Invercargill on boxing day.

It was lying last night as we had dinner, and we woke to a good covering on the lawn. But as usual the day quite quickly improved. But our solar system didn’t spring into life, even though the sun was quite bright. Then Iris pointed out the panels would have had 30 odd mm of snow on them. So up onto the roof with hose and broom to cure that problem.