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Autumn Fungi

After a very dry and warm (hot even) December and January we have had a more or less average amount of rain for February and March, about 230 mm according to our met station.

And it seems to be resulting in a significant number of fungi appearing. I’ve never seen so many puff balls in our lawn, and although not there yet, Ulva Island looks as if we may have another “Fungi Year”. The last being in 2003, when the forest was alive with species.

Some of course are regulars, appearing each year in the same places. But since 2003 I’ve not seen many of the colourful species I recorded back in January, February and March. This year may just be a repeat of 2003.

My knowledge of fungi could be summarised as minimal, but the colour and shapes they add to our forest is fascinating, and they make a good subject for my camera.

Large fleshy gill growing in rotten Kamahi

Tiny gills, around 3 mm across

Orange gills on a Miro Trunk

Tiny Gill Fungi growing in the moss on a Miro tree

These tiny “Ears” seem specific to Totara, and appear each year

Tiny Caps on a Miro

Baby Coral Fingers

For several years these appeared in only one place,
but they now seem to be turning up across Ulva