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Stewart Island Drought Broken

Well at least for a few days at least. Over the last couple of days we have had 24 mm of rain. And our garden is loving it, and although our water tanks are not overflowing quite yet, they have come up quite noticeably. We harvest rain water from our roof, and have around 110,000 liters storage. We micro filter this (1 micron) and U/V treat it as well.

The next 4 or 5 days looks like occasional showers, but then another big high is forecast, although these only look out 7 days, and a lot can change over 7 days. But fingers crossed.

Talking with locals many have been quite worried about running out, and one large accommodation provider has been importing water from Bluff, as apparently their well ran dry, and presumably not sufficient storage.


Rain for the last couple of days … great to see

Sails Ashore Rain

This has certainly been a very dry year. Normally we would expect around 1600 mm pa. This year 1062, and under 3 weeks left.

Olearia Colensoi, Sails Stewart Island Tours

O. colensoi, var. grandis

Land Snail, Sails Ulva Island Tours

Land snail on Ulva Island. About  3 to 4 mm across


Whats new on Ulva

I’ve been quite busy on Ulva Island, and although it’s never a hardship to go over with guests the fine hot days have been a real bonus.

The Olearia colensoi¬† (Leatherwood) is fully out and its unusual purple “pom poms” with yellow tassels are quite a spectacular show along the coastal areas. Actually I think these are O. colenssoi var. grandis.

And a couple of days ago I lifted a piece of Rimu bark, and discovered a small snail below.