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Stewart Island Place Names

... ... a residents view of some of our place names and their stories....

Many Stewart Island place names have suffered under a succession of map makers with many names altered in a quite cavalier fashion.  
Historians have to a large extent managed to unravel these, but the story of some of course are lost in the mists of time.

The story of the Island comes to life in our Stewart Island Place Names.     There are far too many to include them all here, but we hope to have some of the more interesting. The material comes from a variety of sources, some official, some from Maori and some commonly used local names. Where a place has (or has had) several names we will start with the Maori name, followed by successive names up to the present.

For further reading follow this link where you will find a short list of Island focused histories.

We welcome suggestions, brick bats and roses, as we don’t claim to be an authority by any means.

This is very much a work in progress, and pages will be added as time allows

This project grew out of a conversation I had many years ago with Harold Ashwell. We had been chartered to take a group down to Port Pegasus, filming Maori oral history. Incidentally one of the most personally rewarding charters I had hosted. Harold told me of a book he had authored on local Maori place names, which reminded me of a book by John Hall Jones on Fiordland place names. We tossed around the idea of having a website devoted to placenames, and I looked into the possibility of making it happen…which went nowhere really as the tech wasn’t really affordably available. But then along came Google Earth and Maps, and all of a sudden I had a vehicle to make it happen. Harrold has since sadly passed on, and I would like to dedicate these resources to his memory and his foresight in recording such important history.

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These links are more or less in clockwise direction around the Island, starting at North Island


 Stewart Island  North Islands  Edwards Island
 Jacky Lees   Herekopare  Bunkers
 The Hay Stacks  Bench Island  Whero
 Native Island  Ringa Ringa  Paterson Inlet
 Ulva Island  Sydney Cove  Manawahei
 Tamihau  Dirty Island  Kaipipi
 Kidney Fern Inlet  Prices Inlet  Whalers Base
 Dynamite Point  Mudflat Island  Sawdust Bay
 North Arm  
 Tolson River  Freshwater River  Mount Rakiahua
 South West Arm  Hapuatuna  Bravo Island
 Anglem Point  The Neck  Steep Head
 Ocean Beach  Murray’s Mistake  Laura’s Leg
 Chew Tobacco  East Cape  Pikororo
 Tia Island  Port Adventure  Abrahams Bosom
 Shelter Point  Breaksea Islands  Tikotahi
 Little Kuri  Lords River  Big Kuri Bay
 Toitoi  White Rock  Black Rock
 Kopeka  Seal Point  The Brothers
 Tin Range  The Orphan  Port Pegasus
 North Arm  Bell Topper Falls  Cape Horn
 Albion Inlet  The Narrows  Cooks Arm
 Seal Creek  The Heilanman  Magog
 Gog  Ship Builders Cove   Bald Cone
 Sylvan Cove  Smiths Lookout  
 Cooks Shipyard  Disappointment  Pigeon House
 Ernest Island  Small Craft Retreat  Broad Head
 Broad Bay  The Settlement  Kananihi
 South Cape  Flour Cask Bay  Southwest Cape
 Nicholson Harbour  Poutama  Big South Cape
 Murderers Cove  Pukaweka Island   Putahinu
 Temaitemoika Island  Pohowaitai Island  Big Moggy Island
 Kaimohu  The Sisters  Easy Harbour
 Timore  Big Island  Betsy
 Kundy  Rat Island  Three Legged Woodhen
 South Redhead  Te Rae O Patere  Doughboy Bay
 The Gutter  Mason Bay Islands  Mason Bay
 Island Hill  Mason Heads  Big & Little Hellfires
 Richards Point    
 Shark Island  Waituna Ruggedy Range
 Codfish Island   Sealers Bay  Roderiques
 North Redhead  West Ruggedy Beach  East Ruggedy Beach
 Ruggedy Islands  Cave Point  Long Harry
 The Bishops  Smokey Beach  Mt Anglem
 Wairaki  Yankee River  Lucky Beach
 The Saddle  Christmas Village  The Paps
 van Leeuwen Landing  Murray River  Bungaree
   Port William  Maori Beach
 Peters Point  Little River  Lee Bay
 Nathans Island  Mamaku Point  Fish Rock
 Horseshoe Bay  Deadmans Beach  Halfmoon Bay
 Oban  Ackers Point  


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