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Dry October

And odd heading, but we are really dry. Stewart Island is considered temperate rainforest. We don’t have a really high rainfall, but generally we get lots of days with at least some rain. But October has been really dry, and of course rainforest soils will dry out quite quickly. Our spring vegie garden is running way late. Usually spuds are planted in early September. But this year the seed spuds just sat there. No sprouts at all. We found out that the grower had mistakenly coated his seed spuds with a sprout inhibitor…. ouch.   And of course had we had them in they would have been hammered by the very unseasonal snow earlier in the month. Which would have done no good at all to new shoots. But anyway better late than never and with new sprouting seed Iris realised that the garden was really dry. So off I went to cart water for the vegie garden. I would never have believed that we would ever need to do this at this time of year. The last few summers I’ve carted anything up to 30.000 litres over 2 or 3 months to keep garden and lawn happy. But that has been December through to the end of February. Never October !!

Our water tanker pumping out of a small stream. We put 2000 litres on the vegie garden, about the equivalent to 40 mm of rain.
This is Clematis season, and there is a good display in the trees above the trailer

I had some company. A group of “mainlanders” raising money for Prostate Cancer


The last 30 days rainfall figures


Rainfall figures since 2013

Water onto a thirsty garden

Fingers Crossed !!. The forecast the next few days indicates at least a few showers, and maybe a heavier fall on Wednesday. But equally we’ve seen this a lot recently, and it’s all come to very little.


Two hours after I published this post we heard the pitter pater of little rain-drops on our roof. But alas, as usual it was but a flash in the pan. Just 1.0 mm in total