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Te Araroa Trail  …… The Long Pathway

We recently hosted a Canadian couple, and I was intrigued to discover they had just completed the South Island section of the Te Araroa Trail

Now I was aware of this “North Cape to Bluff” hiking trail, but knew very little about it, and so Silvi & Justin were able to fill me in on a little of their experiences walking the length of the South Island

And they were kind enough to allow me to link into their own blog posts, which you can find here ……  Silvi’s and Justin’s

Their blogs are both well worth reading, and for anyone contemplating some serious hiking in New Zealand the Te Araroa Trail looks like being a great sample of what this country has to offer.

I’m getting far too long in the tooth to even dream about such an endeavor, and probably never would have, as back in the day my job entailed lots of walking.  I seldom walked just for pleasure and the majority of my time “on the hill” was in Fiordland and of course, Stewart Island.

One of the local DoC staff, long since left the Island has hiked both the Appalacian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Not sure if he has been on the Te Araroa Trail, but knowing Wal, I wouldn’t be surprised 


Te Araroa Trail