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This post is an explanation for my erratic posts recently.

In explanation this has been something of a year from hell for our web site. Our long term ISP changed from an American host to one based in Australia. The old host worked well, and had built in backup facilities, as well as the ability to allow me to build small scripts running on the server. These scripts were critical to the running of our web cam. Late last year after the move to the new Australian host I discovered that we had lost the ability to do “no hassle” back ups and the script writing facility had vanished as well. The ISP did replace these scripts, but I was really nervous about the lack of backups. I also noticed the new host was not as fast as I had been used to.  And then on Boxing Day I woke to a web site that had been hacked, and with no backup facility and over Christmas we had no web site for over 2 weeks, and I actually decided on a complete rebuild….. at the busiest time of year as well.

I was not a happy camper.

So once the dust had settled I started trying to talk our hosting company into addressing the two issues as I saw them, and particularly the lack of a usable backup facility. And to their credit they did try, but quite obviously the Australians just didn’t want to know.  And to cap it all off the small scripts need to run one web cam failed as well for some reason. And after 2 weeks of prodding them I gave up, and we have just changed web hosting to a company called SiteGround, with servers in Singapore..

The change-over took around a day, and from my point of view went as easy as pie and once completed I then had to re-configure our emails which took around 12 hours, and did take a bit of fiddling, but actually they went just as well. I went to bed at midnight able to send only, and woke up to both send and receive…. excellent !!

Storage has tripled to 30 gig  with unlimited band with and traffic. We have automatic daily backups, script writing ability on the server, free SSL (next project) and most importantly from our website visitors point of view, the pages load in less than a third of the time compared with the old host. The cost….. around $2 more per month.

I am now a happy camper !!