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The Winter Blues ….. (not)

Although we’ve had a couple of short spells of badish weather it’s really been pretty nice. I’m still mowing the lawns ever 10 days or so, and I see a few spuds sprouting through the pea straw Iris has covered the vegie garden with. No matter how careful we are when we harvest, and dig over prior to putting fallow we always miss some.

This time of year we are busy winterising our gardens… Iris looks after 4 … and doing some fairly aggressive pruning to cut back all the summer growth. This has translated into 7 large trailer loads being burnt, so we are pretty happy with the good weather allowing the work to be finished un-interupted.

Iris, a happy gardener, sails ashore, stewart Island

A happy gardener and  her assistant

This morning we actually had a small frost, or so Iris told me. And with the usual morning dew, spider webs become a work of art.

Sails Ashore View, Stewart Island

A stunning winter day on Stewart Island.
Taken early afternoon, wind speed 2 kts, outside air temp 11 deg c

spider webs, sailsashore, stewart island

Dew covered morning Spider Webs

Parakeets,  Fantails & Pied Tits

Although both Red Crowned Parakeet and Fantails are generally to be seen around Sails Ashore, this autumn there seems to have been far more than normal. And while we really like having them around it does impact on “The Mog” because when Iris sees birds around low down, and Fantails and Pied Tits do tend to hang around her for insects when she’s gardening, then the cat gets locked into her nest box and run cage.

As to why there are so many around I really couldn’t say … maybe this fine weather we’re having is just a prelude to some good old fashioned storms.


Red Crowned Parakeet at Sails Ashore, Stewart Island