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Tradies, and a new roof

If you’ve been watching our web cam lately you might have seen some “on the roof” activity. We’ve just had the roof renewed on the older part of Sails Ashore. It was approaching 30 years up, and we had a couple of minor leaks. And looking at the iron as it came of there were a few more brewing.
Hamilton Brothers Builders did the job, arriving 3rd March, and finishing a week later. With 5 guys they certainly made quick progress, and we were blessed with fine weather, just one brief shower one evening.

With all the issues regarding supply chain holdups we were amazed when Jeremy phoned up to tell us they’d be here the next day. We were more or less organised but still a bit of a panic. And perfect timing, as we have Tansley’s arriving tomorrow to install the last 3kw of our solar panels. We had thought we might have to install them over the old roof, and then take them off later for the builders. 
Fairly hectic for Iris & I, cooking for 5 extra at the table, and boy, could they put away a meal. But great guys, neat and tidy workers, and good to have in the house.

Web Cam View, 3rd March. Getting set up

Getting into it. This part of Sails Ashore was built 1947

Many hands make for a fast job. This taken on the 4th March

Almost done

Autumn Orchids

Autumn orchids made their appearance early this year, with the first blooms out in late January. Normally I wouldn’t expect to see them until late February at the earliest. It’s been a good year for them, and the bunches we have in our garden are laden with blooms.

Jellies and Bambi

Glanced over the side of the boat at Ulva last week, and there were  a couple of quite large JellyFish. Not a type I’d seen all that often recently. And there were lots of them, so water temps must be up a bit more than normal

We quite often see deer on our Sails Island Life Road Tours. This one we spotted just before the power station on Hicks road. We watch it, and it watched us for maybe 5 minutes, and stayed for a couple of minutes even after another vehicle arrived. The local cop frowns on hunting within the village and roaded area. And deer aren’t stupid, and know they are pretty safe.