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Our Guests & Ulva Island

A few days ago I took guests to Ulva Island for the 4 hour guided tour packaged with both Sails Ashore & Kowhai Lane Lodges. I sometimes feel more than a bit guilty, as I’m sure I have the best office in the world, and surely I shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy what I do so much..  Each tour is different, seasonal differences of course through the year. But one thing I do know is that I can never predict just what we’ll see in the way of bird life. I’ve had days when my guests could be forgiven for wondering if there were any wild birds on the Island …. there are around 18 different land species……  and other days when we’ve spotted all 18 species.

I remember taking a family from Thailand over. It was raining so hard I offered to cancel the trip, but no, they were really keen, so off we went There was no wind at all, and it was quite warm. Many of the low lying tracks were impassable due to flooding. The birds were outstanding, I couldn’t believe how good they were.  And our Thai friends loved it.

I’m always interested in the native orchids, and they are an attraction for our guests. Most are quite small and discreet, not at all like the big flamboyant blooms most associate with orchids, and generally the displays are excellent. But not last year, with several species very hard to find, and some not appearing at all.

Around 6 years ago we had an amazing year for fungi, with a large variety of species appearing, many of them splashes of colour in our otherwise green forest and forest floor. But since then virtually nothing. Why these variations I have no idea, but I can only guess it’s all about the conditions they need to fruit … it is of course the fruiting bodies we see.

So for my guests, especially those from overseas Ulva is new and perhaps exotic, at least compared with where they come from. But for me as well every day is a discovery.

“Sails” Ulva Island Tour

The wharf at Post office Bay

“Sails” Ulva Island Tour

Your guide Peter

“Sails” Ulva Island Tour

What is it up there, the risky part of birdwatching

“Sails” Ulva Island Tour

Hookers Sealion on Sydney Cove Beach

“Sails” Ulva Island Tour

The Photographer

“Sails” Ulva Island Tour

The Subject

“Sails” Ulva Island Tour

Mosses and tiny plants. A magnifying glass is a bonus.

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We think Ulva Island is quite magical, and our guests agree


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