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Winter Blast

I doubt very many New Zealanders were unaware of the winter storms which boomed up from the Southern Ocean these last few days. We didn’t escape, although not nearly so “snowy” as further north. Not unusual at all as although unpleasant much of the drama goes over the top of the village, deflected by the land further south. But we did get some snow as the short video clip shows. Not a great deal as the lawn wasn’t completely covered.  But a bit of a shock for our daughter Anne, just back from a weeks windsurfing in Hawaii.


And of course to make it a bit more interesting, we had a couple of Tradies staying with us and re-piping some of our central heating systems piping which had collapsed.

Morepork, Sails Ashore, Stewart Island

Visiting Morepork

Yesterday Iris discovered a Morepork while taking scraps out to her worm farm. Morepork (Ruru) are pretty secretive, but in this case had been sussed by a few bellbirds and blackbirds who were busy scolding the interloper.

We do hear morepork in the evenings, but I personally hadn’t seen one around our house.

Ducks On The Make

Anyone who has ever had lunch on the village foreshore or at the Kai Kart will have met our panhandling ducks. And they do pretty well over the summer when there are lots of folks around. But winter, not so many, and the Kai Kart is closed, and even on the odd day it opens not may customers will sit outside to eat.  So the local ducks are out seeing what else is on offer. Hence the pair of mallards which turned up on our deck looking hopeful.  I LIKE ducks, they are real characters. But also really messy …. poo everywhere, and the only creature I know who can turn a bucket of water into a quarter acre swamp. So they got the “ducks rush”

Sails Ashore Ducks