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Winter on Stewart Island

Winter is our quiet time, with very few guests. So not may trips to Ulva. And of course the forest is “shut down” for the winter.
But as compensation this is Fungi Time. What I know about fungi could be written on a post it with a felt nibbed pen. But I do enjoy seeing them, as their colour and shapes add to the otherwise green forest scape.




























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Lovely iridescent green stick insect,
found gracing our house at the back door.

Sails Ulva Island Tours
Tree Weta.
Found under the bark of a Rimu Tree


Of all the times for our central heating and domestic hot water system to go catatonic winter would be the worst. Barely warm showers, and a cold house is not my idea of fun. But had we been busy with guests……

So the last few days I’ve been busy trying to work out what the issue was, and nail each one down. With the boiler is under the house in the crawl space it’s not easy. All in all I’ve drained the entire system 5 times, and done a total pump through and bleed to eliminate any chance of airlocks, which I think was mainly the issue.  Fingers crossed all seems to be working now (touch wood !!).

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The extraordinary fruiting season we had this year has been a real bonanza for our birds, and in particular the parakeets seem to have had a very successful breeding season, if the numbers we saw on our last Ulva walk were any indication.