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Red Crowned Parakeet


Cyanoramphus novaezeelandiae

Red Crowned Parakeet are numerous on Ulva, and are seen in pre-breeding flocks of often up to a dozen or 15 birds in early summer, then pairing off for breeding, which coincides with the late summer fruiting of Coprosma sp in particular. Their giggling calls are heard often. Perhaps our most nervous bird on Ulva, they will often be startled , erupting into flight from a tree or the ground when we are walking the paths. But equally, if spotted early can be approached if done quietly and without sudden movements.

Size ..  280 mm

Red Crowned Parakeet


Red Crowned Parakeet

Feeding on Mutton Bird Tree Flowers


Red Crowned Parakeet

Often seen on the forest floor, where they will “scritch” like domestic hens


Red Crowned Parakeet

On the nest


Red Crowned Parakeet



Red Crowned Parakeet

Almost fledged … they flew 2 days later.


Red Crowned Parakeet

Generally the male feeds the female, who then feeds the young


Parakeet Song

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