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Stewart Island Place Names …… 

Big & Little Moggy

Kakakau …..   “To Come into View Gradually” 


Mokinui …..  A “Maorification” of Big Moggy

Mokiiti   …..  A “Maorification” of Little Moggy

these names appear on an early map, but never seemed to have been in common usage


Big Moggy  …… “Named for an Australian Aboriginal woman who, with her infant child was castaway here.

more about “Moggy” can be found on our Blog Post “History Revealed

Big Moggy Island, Stewart Island Place Names, Sails Ashore.

This is a section of a 4th edition of an old map published 1955,
The Islands are named Mokinui & Mokiiti .
Perhaps a “Maorification” of Big and Little Moggy


Stewart Island Electricity is generated using diesel fuel

Sails Ashore is Solar Powered

 But we now produce 100 % of our electrical needs, and are completely "Off Grid", Excess electricity is used to heat our domestic hot water and central heating system and this has cut our non renewable heating fuel usage to around 20% of pre solar.. All cooking is electric, no more LPG.  See More .......

Kowhai Lane is also Solar powered,

Kowhai Lane is "Grid Tied" Excess production is used to heat water. Production beyond the house requirements is exported, thus cutting diesel use in the wider grid. At night Kowhai Lane Lodge receives power from the grid.

Like Sails Ashore, all cooking is electric,,,,, No LPG



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